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In today’s world it is often difficult to know what is true and authentic and where to turn to find the solutions you seek. The “real deal” is hard to find. And yet, that is often what Jo Dunning is called. She is well known around the world for many miracles which have earned her the reputation of The Change Maker. People from every country in the world have visited her website and received the amazing energy she offers through retreats, webinars, training and other special events, many of which are free of charge.
Jo first discovered her abilities while recovering from a traumatic incident many years ago….READ MORE



Process to Awaken Consciousness

Enjoy this workshop with Jo Dunning, Expanding Consciousness.
The life-changing energy is active and available.


Need an Extra Lift?

The prayer list is a way to receive special assistance from Jo Dunning with any area of your life. Submit your name and the names of others you would like to be included on the list. In the Prayers for box provided below add only the first name of the people you would like to receive the prayers which Jo Dunning will offer on their behalf.
If you are adding more than one name, separate names with a comma. Do not include their last name or any information about their specific needs. The names you submit will remain on the list and receive prayers for the next 30 days.

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Jo Dunning understands how to work with energy of all kinds
and She is a wonderful enlightened soul.
She can guide the energy to help others for healing and just about any situation imaginable.


Jo Dunning works with love and very high integrity. People like Jo are few and far between.
To have the opportunity to work with her while she's available is an honor.
These souls don't stay around forever.


Jo is a powerhouse of a "transformer" who leads by example.
With loving kindness, she shares insights and techniques that help to anchor
more "Source Energy" on the planet. She's a treasure!


I feel energized immediately when listening to Jo.
She is able to transfer energy remotely.
Listening to her relaxes me and gives me a sense of peace. She is amazing.


I'm quite young, yet I have had many problems.
Jo Dunning's healing process helped me get my life together.
She is amazing and is a wonderful energy bringer.


Jo Dunning is an amazing awakened broadcaster of Source energy
which empowers you to change your life.
Jo is a blessing to the world.


Jo Dunning helps so many people with energy and she makes it possible for people
to have a good time, good health and to have abundance in all areas of their lives.
Jo is amazing.


Jo Dunning's mission is to promote health, happiness and good feelings to the planet
and its creatures. Her heart is bursting with good will and advanced energy.
She is a true Light Being.


I would say the greatest gift Jo offers is connecting us all
with our own Inner Love where infinite potential exists.
For that I am eternally grateful.