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About Jo Dunning

In today’s world it is often difficult to known what is true and authentic and where to turn to find the solutions you seek. The “real deal” is hard to find. And yet, that is exactly how Jo Dunning is often described. She is well known around the world for many miracles which have earned her the reputation of The Miracle Maker. People from every country in the world have visited her website and received the amazing energy she offers there, free of charge.

She has been offering these miracles for over 25 years and the energy she offers seems to become more powerful with each passing year. Jo was among the very first to offer Initiations which can Awaken Consciousness. Her energy work and abilities are so unusual and rare they are often referred to as the gold standard which others strive to reach.

The energy Jo uses comes directly from Source and is pure, powerful and often dramatically healing. At the same time it is gentle and very natural feeling. It leaves each person with a feeling of being deeply loved and cherished as their lives change and become more magnificent.

Jo first discovered this ability while recovering from a traumatic incident many years ago. As a result she awakened to discover a powerful energy flowing through her hands, so intense it could leave a hand print on the skin. She soon discovered she was able to see inside the body and could use this energy to repair broken bones or help rebuild health or even restore happiness. Gradually she learned to share this energy with groups and now can help transform the lives and consciousness of groups sometimes as large as fifty thousand.

Jo Dunning is now a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, author, presenter and popular talk show guest. Gregg Braden writes about Jo in his book, The Isaiah Effect after witnessing her use energy to mend the broken skull of an elderly man after he fell.

When you hear Jo speak you can feel the truth of what she says. As she talks, a gentle peace begins to fill you and then transforms your life.

She is able to create these miracles as she easily and joyfully carries on an inspiring and fascinating conversation about life or shares deep wisdom about the most profound and intricate aspects of Spirituality, personality and Transformation. During each of her events or interviews she offers energy work to the entire audience to help them enjoy the miracle of a more joyful, healthy and prosperous life.

Jo Dunning is the founder and director of Quantum Energetic Disciplines and developer of The Quick Pulse Technique, a world recognized method for rapid clearing of life issues and personality limitations. She has developed a very popular Training Program offering certification as an Energy Practitioner. She regularly creates free global project such as The Wish Project, Abundance Project, The Gold Coin and offers life and consciousness changing events, retreats and Initiations which are available by teleconference, live streaming and in person.

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