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I just love The Light Wand. When I wake up in the middle of the night with terrible headaches, I just switch on The Light Wand and after 20 to 30 minutes I can go back to sleep. LOL, I use a lot of batteries 🙂 but it is worth it. My cat Merlin suffers from a major heart and kidney disease and he has to take meds 4 times a day (for one year now). I use The Light Wand on him on a regular base, he seems to love it too. When I switch on The Light Wand, he starts purring loud and must be feeling very comfy according to his behavior, afterwards he almost always gets to drink some water, which he is supposed to do, but he rather resists. And the best thing ever is the miracle healing after a mosquito bite. Usually I show quite some allergic reactions to mosquito bites but when I manage to put The Light Wand on, right after the bite, I have very little itching or pain; and there are many more healings The Light Wand has already brought to me and my family.
I just want to say again, I LOVE The Light Wand and thank you Jo for this wonderful tool!

Petra, Europe

I have been using The Light Wand on myself and my husband and my mom via her photo.
The results of this usage would not be visible to the human eye.
This week I used it on my loving canine companion, Tucker.
We had taken him to a boarding Kennel, a very nice facility.
This was to be his first visit for half a day to acquaint him with the facility
to eventually be able to leave him for a week while on vacation.
An hour and 20 minutes after we dropped him off we were called
and told to come get him and bring him to the emergency vet
as his feet were bleeding, his temperature had spiked and he was hyperventilating.
At his time we were an hour away visiting my mother so we put in a call to a daughter
and she was there in ten minutes to spirit him out of there and get him home.
She sat with him and soothed him while we made the trip back.
A trip to the vet would have just caused him greater anxiety.
Turns out he had become so anxious when they put him in the kennel
and left him that he tried to scratch his way out, tearing big chunks
of the pads on his feet off. I cleaned his feet with hydrogen peroxide,
gave him baby aspirin for the pain and remembered The Light Wand.
That all happened on Sunday afternoon. Monday morning he was carried inside
and out as his feet were so painful. By Tuesday evening he was walking
with barely a limp and by Wednesday you could hardly tell
where there had been no trace of a pad. I am very grateful.

Susan, MN

I used The Light Wand on my granddaughter’s rash
via a picture and the rash cleared up in a couple of days.
I also used The Light Wand on myself recovering from cataract surgery of both eyes
and I had a speedy recovery and now have 20/20 and don’t have to use eyeglasses.
Thank you. I use it on any pains, emotional or worry problems.
I use it on my food, water, supplements, plants
and my dog loves it when I use it on her.
I carry The Light Wand with me when I go out in case I need to use it.
It is a wonderful investment in taking care
of myself and others. Thank you, Jo.

[ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: This person has attended The Advanced Light Wand course which gives the ability to use The Light Wand remotely by using a photograph.]
Joan, NY

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