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The Activations of Awakening© are a vital combination of three Activations all offered during one workshop. The workshop includes The Pineal Gland Activation©, Endocrine System Activation©, and DNA Structuring©. The combination of these three Activations provides the opportunity for the simultaneous transformation and Awakening of your Being on the mental, physical, energetic and spiritual levels.

Each Activation supports, enhances and balances the energies offered in the other two Activations. The combination of the three Activations offered during one workshop has created very rapid life changes, personal growth and expansion of Consciousness for the many tens of thousands who have participated.

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Many people enjoy receiving this Activation every time it is offered
and find it dramatically accelerates the benefit and changes.


The Pineal Gland is part of our physical body and is located in the middle of the brain. It is the part of the Endocrine System which is responsible for regulating many of the functions of the body and plays a vital role in our early years in physical growth and development. Then, according to science, it stops functioning after puberty and eventually becomes hard and calcified.

However, in the Ancient Spiritual Schools, they knew the real importance of the Pineal Gland and found ways to stimulate it into its magnificent and final role of transforming Consciousness and Awakening.

Now you can receive the Pineal Gland Activation © and help dramatically accelerate your Spiritual Path to Awakening. When the Pineal Gland is fully activated it assists you in consciously accessing more of the 95% of the brain that traditionally scientists have considered unused. These areas of the brain are actually very active and are sometimes called the Sacred Chambers. These areas of the brain connect us to everything beyond the three-dimensional world.  These parts of the brain also contain your Spiritual Gifts, expanded abilities, Universal Knowledge, connection with Divine Source and Guidance, etc.

Once the Pineal Gland is activated, its influence can assist your life in many areas. It can help bring your life into alignment with your life purpose and mission, assist with the development and transformation of your mind and emotions, expand your Consciousness and activate your DNA.

In addition to this more rapid expansion of Consciousness, many people also find they begin to more easily resolve issues in their life such as relationship, work, health, finances, etc. This Activation assists in the transformation of your Being on many levels including physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.


The second activation in the workshop will help start the energetic and Spiritual role of the glands of the Endocrine System. This can help assist your physical body to return to its most pure and pristine condition and higher levels of functioning. This Activation helps support the energy systems in your physical body to be expanded and more easily carry a greater flow of energy. It can also activate the ancient energetic pathways in the body so they become active and more available for use in your Spiritual development.

Your physical body can also become more aligned with energy from Source causing it to function at an increased vibrational rate. This Awakening of the potential of the physical body and enhancement of the energy systems flowing through it are a necessary and vital step in Transformation and Awakening. These changes are an essential part of supporting the dramatic changes taking place in other areas of your Being which can happen as a result of the Pineal Gland Activation.


The third Activation during the workshop is DNA Structuring ©. This process helps release the DNA from its limited alignment and helps it return to the original Divine Design and full potential. This Structuring of the DNA is an essential part of Awakening and is a foundational piece in supporting the Pineal Gland and Endocrine System Activations.

With these three powerful Activations all taking place during the same event, the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual aspects of your Being can once again begin to interact and function more harmoniously to support your overall transformation. This combined interaction provides more support you as you move toward your full connection with Source, Awakening and Divine Consciousness.

The combination of the three Activations offered during one workshop has helped create more rapid life changes,
personal growth and Expansion of Consciousness for the many tens of thousands who have participated.

Testimonials for Activations of Awakening

What a gift!!!!!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I had done it before with you and I know I felt energy, however this time I was just much more aware of it.   It is an hour later and the energy is so everywhere in my body.  It’s like everything has been turned on.


Jo, thank you and Bless you. My wish for greater heart, soul, consciousness expansion was made the day before the Activations. Within 24 hours of the Activation I have received this wish. Deepest gratitude for sharing source energy with us in this beautiful pure way.


Just a note to tell you that my life has totally exploded (in a marvelous) way since the Activation a month ago. I can’t believe it, so many things I have been “working” on shifted all within a few weeks.  Thank you so much!!


Thank you for this gift of love. I have been calm and feeling happy for the first time in months, I remained in my bedroom during the Activation, during the rest of the day my mind had been clear, focused, I feel energized and the feeling of hope is back.


I just wanted to give my deepest thanks to you! I was part of the Activations of Awakening this evening and absolutely loved it! My being is bursting with Joy and gratitude! Thank you so much for this amazing gift!


Thank You last night for the Activations Gift.  This is probably the fourth time I’ve participated and it’s powerful every time.  My life has flowered dramatically over the past few years and I know the energy work you do is a big part of it.  Thank You so MUCH!


Jo, thank you so much for the Activation you just conducted and in which I had the privilege of participating. I have been a meditator and spiritual seeker for over 40 years. I have never experienced such a profound session as I did tonight. I cannot put into words how much love and gratitude I feel for you and, more importantly, for myself in following my “guidance” to participate tonight. My love to you, my friend. I am blessed to have been here.


Jo, Thank You for all you do!! I am writing especially to report that almost a year has now passed since we had the Activations of Awakening in January this year, and truly my life has changed dramatically this year. The Love and Joy quotient has gone up several notches and I have been given the opportunity to realize many things which were simply beyond my understanding. My sincerest gratitude once again for being in the planet at this time helping all of us unconditionally.


Many blessings, many blessings, many blessings. I want to thank you for your huge service to humanity today. I pray that everyone who was listening today was able to receive the huge gift I received today. I awoke at 6 am this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks and sat with it seeing how my life has become one of survival mode, trying to protect myself from energetic attack. I thank you for as a result of your session, I feel peaceful in my mind, body, and emotions and I can feel my heart which I so longed for. I don’t have the words to sufficiently express my gratitude to you for you. You are a blessing in my life!


Thank you for my hips back! Maybe I should explain: your Activations yesterday definitely had an effect on my whole system, and since I’ve been dealing with neuro-immune-endocrine-biochemistry-muscular interesting stuff for some years, I really noticed it.

This morning when I woke, even lying in bed, I knew: I got my hips back!

They felt alive and fluid, and when I got up I could feel the difference in the way I walk. I am so thankful to have them back!


Thank you for a powerful Activations webinar. I can feel the shift and am so grateful to have been a part of this. I especially thank you for your generosity in providing this free of charge.

Please know how much your light helps us on this planet!


I want to give you feedback on the first initiation I received from your Activations of Awakening. Thank you. Upon arising on Friday AM I was definitely in an altered state until at about 1:30 PM.

Amazingly enough when the feeling (altered state) waned, the sense of peace was even more magnified. I have also noticed some of the intentions that I listed are already being addressed. My health has improved in the following areas: gluten allergies; elimination issues; weight loss/decreased appetite; and loss of pain. I had not set an intention for improved vision, but I noticed on Sunday that I was reading without my glasses.

Thank you for the extremely loving work that you do.


Jo, your work & your love has been one of the most powerful catalysts for my Awakening. Words simply cannot convey the depth of my gratitude to you for being you.