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Divine Chaos of Creation

by Jo Dunning

Many people are asking and wondering about all the recent events happening in our world. There are so many amazing changes starting to occur as we move more into powerful times and beyond.

These times right now are why we were born and what we came here to do. We each wanted the opportunity to participate in creating a new and magnificent world. A world filled with love and joy. A world where there is peace, health, happiness, abundance and prosperity.

This is our time now to shine. Our time to live from our Heart and allow our belief in something much greater to carry us through the challenge of the changes currently taking place. This time right now is just the completion of the old ways to make room for the creation of something new. This time of change is sometimes known as chaos, or the Divine Chaos of Creation. It is from this chaos that we can begin to create something much more wonderful for everyone.

When we look around us we notice that on the surface there are many events taking place as our world begins its transitions. Our global financial and economic situation is in a dramatic shift, government leadership is in transition, banking and corporate leaders are resigning, weather patterns are dramatic and unpredictable, and food and water supplies are challenged.

Not long ago there was a 6.2 earthquake in the sea bed near Norway that caused our magnetic north pole to immediately shift an amazing 621 miles, or 1,000 km.

There areĀ reports of areas flooding even though there has been very little rain fall, and other reports of some rivers no longer flowing in their usual direction. Large sink holes are opening in many areas around the world, large cracks in the ground are appearing overnight and the earth is making loud sounds and spewing unexpected steam and smoke in new areas. In some areas the sea bed has suddenly risen and in others it has fallen. Some land masses seem to be gaining in elevation as others are declining.

On a more personal level, our societies have evolved, our world view has expanded and our Hearts have opened to deepening levels of love, compassion and understanding. We are moving forward at a rapid pace and are now at the decision point for our world, our relationships and our Consciousness. Each of these are changing in significant ways.

Whatever is limiting or outdated will come up to be reviewed. We will get to make new decisions about love, family, work, health and about all aspects of life.

We get to choose now, how we want to live and who we want to be. We can choose what it is we want to create and we can begin to manifest the world in which we would like to live. We have now evolved enough in our wisdom and consciousness that we understand so much more about life and our part in creating it. We realize how much our thoughts influence our experience and our world. We know now the importanceĀ of living from a Heart Based level of Knowing and decision making.

We have learned the limitations of left brain logic and the difficulty of living from fear based concerns and worries. Instead we are now starting to explore how to play in the world in new ways. We are learning to tap into the magic creative powers of our right brain with its profound wisdom and insights. We know now the power that waits for each of us in the kingdom of our Imagination. And we are learning to use that creative power in new and delightful ways.

There is so much happening in our world. Both in the Internal Kingdom and in the external world. This is a time for celebration, for reflection, for gratitude, for forgiving and for moving forward in new ways.

The power is in our hands now. It is up to each of us to touch into the depth of our Heart and allow it to guide us into and through this time of change and chaos and into the next steps in our Awakening.

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