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Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©:
A Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ Healing Technique


Whether consulting Western medicine, Eastern philosophy, religion or spirituality, we can generally find agreement that humans tend to store everyday stresses, emotion and life events in our bodies, and this can affect our overall health. We often seek healing through exercise, nutrition, physical therapy, medicine, counseling, massage, prayer or any number of alternative healing methods.

In the eastern part of our world, it is a common belief that there are areas in the body where energy is concentrated, similar to the way energy is concentrated in a vortex. These vortices, or energy centers, are most often referred to as chakras. Stored emotion can affect the flow of the energy in these chakras, thereby affecting our health.

There is a wealth of information about chakras online, in numerous texts and other media. An online search on chakras reveals information about their eastern history, western traditions, various meditations and healing applications. One of these healing applications is Jo Dunning’s Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique© ; however, until now, very little has been written about it.

What is The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©?

The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©, developed by Jo Dunning, founder of the field of energy medicine known as Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ (QED), is a technique designed to clear, balance and repair the energy centers of the body. The purpose of The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©  is to assist the energy centers of the body in functioning at their optimal level.

To date, all QED Practitioners certified to offer this technique have received their training and Initiation from Jo Dunning directly. If an individual experiences a clearing and balancing process that does not involve the direct participation of Jo Dunning, herself, or one of her Certified Practitioners, the process is something other than The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©. This is an important distinction because the effectiveness of the technique involves more than what one can visually witness and emulate. To the onlooker, it resembles something similar to a guided meditation, but Certified Practitioners and clients of the work suggest something far deeper is transpiring.

QED Practitioners who have mentored directly with Jo Dunning have been trained to connect with Source (a.k.a. God, Life Force Energy, Universal Life Force) in a unique way that promotes healing.

The premise of The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique© process is that a very powerful energy is coming through to align, balance, repair and assist each energy center. The process is not a guided meditation and it is not the guided activities that are doing the work. Rather, it is the energy that is coming through that is aligning and clearing the energy centers.

What Does an Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique© Session Look Like?

Typically, an Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique© session lasts about a half hour. This includes a brief explanation beforehand as well as The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique© itself. Clients are welcome to sit up or lie down, whichever is more comfortable for them. Throughout The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©, the QED Practitioner guides clients to hold their attention on various places within their bodies. These places include the following:

• Base of the spine

• Lower abdomen

• Solar plexus

• Center of the chest

• Middle of the throat

• Center of forehead

• Top of the head

At the end, the QED Practitioner guides the clients through a brief process that concludes The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©.

Most often, people report feeling more peaceful, relaxed and at ease afterward. Often, they notice changes in their lives, such as feeling lighter and more comfortable, in the days that follow.

While it is said that the energy coming though to the clients continues to work even after the session, life goes on and clients face new life events that may prompt them to seek alignment again.

How Can I Experience an Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©?

There here is a International Listing of Certified QED Practitioners of The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique© and additional QED techniques at  An online search will direct seekers to various websites of QED Practitioners who offer this technique, both in person and over the telephone. Several of these QED Practitioners maintain mailing lists and notify subscribers of teleconferences on which they can experience the techniques of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™, including The Energy Clearing and Balancing Technique©.

Jennifer Hope Chmelka is a Writer, Reiki Master and Practitioner of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™. She enjoys combining her love of writing and the healing arts in articles designed to empower, uplift and inspire.

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