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Let Love Fill Your Being
Right NOW

by Jo Dunning

If I could give you one gift, it would be the gift of feeling filled with Love.

There is nothing greater in our world than the feeling of Love. To be filled with Love is magnificent. To give Love and to receive it is Divine. Love can heal your heart, your mind and your body and everyone around you. It is the vibration from which everything is made. It is the essence that creates and sustains all life. Love is the beginning and the end of the journey of your Being, and everything in between.

Pause and Create the feeling of Love whenever you can. Allow its magnificent vibration to guide you, support you and bless you. It is the only thing truly worthy of your efforts, your time and your thoughts. No matter who you are or where you are or what is happening in your life, your experience can be transformed by the feeling of Love radiating within you.

When Love rises to the surface of your Being, it also fills you to your depths. When you are filled with Love, you can move gently through everything you encounter.

As Love Awakens in you it will radiate from deep inside your Central Core, then out through every cell in your body and into the world. It will ignite you and everything in its path with its tenderness.

Begin now!

Surrender to its gentle ways, let it ease your journey and calm your mind. Let it carry you to its heights, let it lift you from your depths. Allow Love to show you the world through it’s eyes, and you will be transformed.

As the radiance of Love grows in your Heart, it will support you on your journey, bring you wisdom and insights, expand your Being, ease your life and carry you even higher into the next greater expression of Love.

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