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Project Description

Discovering the Patterns

by Jo Dunning

When I was first starting to work with energy, I was working with a young woman during a full day personal energy intensive. The focus she had chosen for her intensive was ”spiritual growth,” and we spent the day completing the necessary openings and initiations to assist in developing her intuitive gifts and healing abilities. Then, with only a few minutes left at the end of the day, she asked if it might be possible to work on something from her personal life.¬† She then shared her experiences of her abusive childhood.

As I listened to her childhood story my attention was soon caught by something I had never noticed before. What I saw was an intricate, three-dimensional geometric shape floating about four or five feet away from her body. It was filled with intense colors and had smaller patterns interwoven within it. It seemed vibrant and alive. As she spoke about the events from her childhood, I noticed that the pattern became brighter.

When she spoke specifically about the ways she was feeling limited by the abuse, one of the smaller internal patterns became more brilliant. I was fascinated by this geometric shape and continued to watch it as she spoke. It soon became apparent that her experiences from childhood and this geometric pattern were connected.

Although it was getting late, we decided to explore this new discovery. Over the next few minutes, as I held my hands over her body and felt the familiar, warm energy flowing through them, the pattern begin to change. ¬†Soon, the brightest inner portion of the shape began to fade — and at this point, she commented that her emotions about the abuse were also fading.

Within just a few minutes, the bright portion was transparent. Now, when she thought of her childhood experiences, her emotions remained calm and balanced.

Although the geometric shape I had originally seen was still visible in this woman’s energy field, the shape no longer contained the very bright, smaller pattern within it. I later came to understand that what had been released from that pattern was the unneeded and out of balance emotions from that experience and which had influenced her life as an adult. What remained now in the pattern was the wisdom, compassion, and insights she had gathered from the experience.

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