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Jo Dunning: Applied Sacred Geometry


The beginnings of The Pulse Technique *and Quantum Energetic Disciplines™

Most people today find they would like to change some aspect of their life. Perhaps it might be something about their personality, health or relationships.  Or maybe it is more in the area of finances or job. Many people have tried a variety of approaches to making these changes, often with little success. Now finally, there is a way to make changes that is simple and easy The results of this new approach are often so astounding they are sometimes called miraculous.

This new method is able to go beyond the traditional approaches to change. It goes beyond what might seem to be the cause of the problem and beyond the usual attempts at resolution. It is able to address the unseen and often unknown aspects of our experiences by using an entirely new method known as Applied Sacred Geometry*

This new field of study involved pioneering efforts of exploration, discovery and development over several years and has now been gathered into one body of knowledge known as Quantum Energetic Disciplines™. This new approach to health, wholeness and aliveness on all levels features techniques which use the discoveries of Applied Sacred Geometry * which can now be easily learned and used to create dramatic and lasting life changes. This body of work features the foundational technique known as The Pulse Technique.

The information now available in this new discipline allows us to go beyond the usual understanding about personality, health, beliefs and life and address the real cause of each of our life issues and experiences. It is in this realm we find the real “cause of the cause” and are able to create rapid and lasting change. Once a change takes place in this area of our Being we are able to easily shift the ways in which we experience and respond to life. We soon find the old issues are just no longer present, we can think more clearly, remain calm and peaceful, accomplish the things we desire, our body returns itself to healthy and we can live life with much greater happiness, wisdom and understanding.

Most other methods do not have the tools or the awareness to move beyond what has been known and into this new and exciting territory. Using this new information and the techniques it offers we can now access and change things we never dreamed possible. This new body of knowledge has been developed into what is now known as Quantum Energetic Disciplines™. The life changing techniques it contains are revolutionary beginning with the first process called The Pulse Technique*. These discoveries are beyond the realm of Quantum physics and into the advanced area of Applied Sacred Geometry*.

This new field of discovery works with the energy patterns which create and hold the experiences in our life. These energy patterns are the real cause of the experiences and challenges in our life. This energy takes on an almost infinite variety of highly intricate shapes which, when combined, create the entire system through which we are able to experience and respond to all of life. These patterns are associated with every belief, opinion, judgment, world view, and idea as well as with all body parts and functions, all levels of consciousness and all experiences.

In fact, this system of intricate patterns seems to create the entire framework through which all of our awareness of life unfolds. The patterns are located in an area about 55 feet in diameter that surrounds our body. This area is called the field, and contains every aspect of our life from the very beginning until this moment, right now. It contains the record of every personality pattern, experience, desire, belief, thought and event — everything!

There are multiple millions of patterns stored in our field simultaneously which combine in various ways to create the life we have. These millions of patterns fit easily in our field because the laws of Quantum Physics are quite different from the laws of Newtonian physics. The new discoveries in Quantum Physics go beyond the usual rules of time and space and explain how so many things could occupy such a seemingly small space at the same time.

Of the many millions of patterns that surround us in our field, only a comparative few are used at once time. The patterns we use are constantly shifting, changing, and combining to create our reality. As we grow and develop, the many intricate lines of the related pattern also change and evolve.

As these patterns change, we begin to experience life differently. We free ourselves of emotional concerns, become healthy, increase our levels of awareness, gain or lose weight, balance our metabolism, improve self-esteem, let go of judgments, become more abundant, release limiting childhood experiences, feel safe, build intimacy, and a multitude of other things.

This new area of personal growth using Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ works directly with the energy patterns that create our reality. In these very advanced techniques, the specific pattern that is creating the issue you would like to change is transformed and along with it the ways in which it was limiting you and your life.

For many individuals who have experienced these techniques, the change takes place almost immediately or within a few days. For other individuals who selected a pattern that was interlaced with many other patterns, the change is more gradual and takes place over several weeks or perhaps months.

The results of The Pulse Technique* and the other techniques of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ are remarkable, with most people noticing positive changes taking place quickly. Many people discover after only one session with these amazing techniques that long-standing concerns which have resisted many years of treatment or therapy seem to change quickly and easily, with little or no effort.

The pioneering research with these techniques was done over several years of working individually with only one person at a time. However, as the work evolved, it became possible to create dramatic change while working simultaneously with several people at the same time and then eventually with large groups. Each person in the group was still able to choose the specific item that they would like to change in their life. This allows the change to remain completely individualized.

The wonderful thing about these techniques is that when working in a group format, no discussion about the item you have selected is necessary. This allows the work to remain completely confidential, even in a large group. To change one item only takes a few minutes, so it is possible in a short period of time to really make significant changes in your life.

This new frontier of change and personal growth using the techniques of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ is very exciting, and has far-reaching applications. The changes were initially used to clear emotional concerns, but this quickly and naturally evolved into using these techniques to assist with every aspect of life: physical body, relationship, weight, finances, self-esteem, etc.

However, the most recent applications of the techniques are by far the most exciting and have the most far-reaching implications. These new techniques are now being used to explore the frontiers of human consciousness and spirituality. With these techniques individuals are now creating new ways of achieving very expanded levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness in a very short period of time.

As we continue to grow and expand our understanding of ourselves and life we will soon be discovering even greater uses for these exciting techniques. This body of work known as Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ is still growing with new techniques being developed and new applications for the techniques discovered. Soon many people will be aware of the simple and rapid changes they can achieve using The Pulse Technique* and the other techniques of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™. It is now easy to become free from the many challenges we face and instead step into a whole new way of experiencing life. A way filled with happiness, peace, freedom and aliveness.

Jo Dunning is the founder and developer of Quantum Energetic Disciplines* which features The Pulse Technique*. She offers training in these techniques as well as retreats and workshops and is often a featured speaker on radio and television shows.

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