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by Jo Dunning


If you would like to increase your level of happiness for the next 24 hours here is a simple little secret you can use that only takes 30 seconds.

The first thing when you wake up, write down 5 things that make you feel grateful or happy. This simple act will increase your happiness biochemistry for the next 24 hours! This gives you greater happiness, better problem solving, increased memory, greater insights, more energy and a much improved experience of life. If you are unable to write down the 5 things then just thinking about them will also help. Writing is more effective because it involves more of your senses and more brain activity than just thinking.

If you choose to use this Happiness Secret for 21 days in a row, it will increase your biochemistry for happiness and higher consciousness functioning for the next 6 months!


Life is amazing! It has so many ups and downs and unexpected changes of direction. The challenge is to love all the way through it – unconditionally! This means living life from the place of love internally. This type of love is a state of Being. It is a gift of Grace. An in-filling from the flowing Spring of Life and Consciousness. It cannot be commanded to begin, mentally contrived, sugar coated, imitated or earned. It just IS. It surpasses reason.

When it first begins it might appear without warning and fade as quickly without giving notice. Or it may just arrive in one moment and remain as your constant companion. This type of love is not a response to another person, or in gratitude for a miracle, or as a result of a situation or a reward for being good. It is a complete internal experience that fills the whole body! It is an elixir that quiets the mind, fills the emotions with peace and feels delicious in every cell in the body. It is a love that remains in fullness internally, regardless of the events of the external world.

It is love beyond the conditions of life. That is why it is called unconditional.

It is a gift of Grace. And from that place, all of life is lived in a State of Grace and an endless flow of magnificent synchronicity. This love radiates out to everyone and everything, trusting the unfolding of life. If flows equally and freely to all, honoring the beauty and perfection of all that IS. It can appear at any moment and for no reason at all. It is our natural state of Being and a wonder we will each receive.


Thoughts of love, peace, delight and happiness can instantly transform your experience on every level. These thoughts can heal the body, re-balance the mind and shift your emotions!

When you have a thought, it creates a matching feeling and all the biochemistry of that feeling floods your Being. Happy thoughts empower the immune system and create a soothing alkaline flow that promotes health, healing, calmness and access to great wisdom and insights. Unhappy thoughts diminish the immune system and create the acidic flow that supports disease and links us with lower levels of thinking and response.

Choose each moment to focus your mind on the thoughts that bring you joy or happiness. Know that Life Works! We are here to experience the flow and create the ride! Use your mind and its great powers wisely!


You are moving rapidly to those areas both internal and external that will allow you to be of greatest service. So let go when you begin to feel guided in another direction and just allow the events to move you easily to your next area of service.

There will be many changes both internal and external as you experience physical and emotional clearing. Enjoy the ride! It can be very glorious and exciting. Resist the temptation of grabbing at each event as it passes thinking that this is it, or I want to slow down, or I think my ego would be happiest stopping here.

You need only to ask to have things slowed or sped up and you will be served. It is your choice as to how quickly you want to move and at what point you are willing to be Internally Guided.


What you do in this moment makes a difference. Know the thoughts you think and the feelings you have, are creating the you of tomorrow. They all matter, not only for yourself and those dear to you, but for the entire world.


We each have the great gift of Free Will. With that gift we can make a choice.  We can choose who we are and what response we will offer to the events life brings. This moment today is important. It creates our moments of tomorrow. What you choose and who you are in this moment matters.


If you would like to create a happier tomorrow, just go to sleep tonight with the feeling of a gentle smile in your heart. As you sleep, this is what will be recorded on the “hard drive” of your mind. You can easily create this gentle feeling by just thinking of something you really like. If you choose to do this regularly, you can rewire your entire subconscious mind and its beliefs.


Focus on your Inner Life and Light. Direct your Intentions into the Awakening that is Lighting you. Rejoice each moment at the wonders that are occurring. Know they are as signs of your Grand Awakening. Be with your inner Light in Silence, in Gratitude, and in Gentleness each moment. You will soon find you are experiencing a magnificence of freedom that will carry you in life. There is only Oneness – all other is illusion. There is only full, ongoing, Creative Expression – all other is illusion.

There is only profound Joy and Gratitude at the core of your Being – all other is illusion!


This is a wondrous time to be alive! It is the perfect time to let go of all sense of limitation! You are fully supported to help ease your journey moment by moment. Let all concern, fear and worry be released from your Being. Remember to enjoy the ride! We are all here for the process and to witness the events of life unfolding within us. Relax and Remember who you are.

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