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Project Description

Your Divine Essence

Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Time: 6:15 p.m. Pacific Time (9:15 p.m. Eastern Time)

Replay: Replay is available through midnight Pacific Time, Sunday, March 4, 2018.

The Golden Drop is an exceptionally powerful Initiation, offered by Jo Dunning. The results of this Initiation are often profound and deeply transformative for the many individuals who have experienced it.

The Golden Drop Initiation is a rare and unique Initiation that is made available during very special times. We are in those times right now. We are experiencing rapid changes taking place in our personal lives as well as nationally and globally. The Golden Drop can help provide supportive assistance as you go through these changes.

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This Initiation brings a pure drop of Your Divine Consciousness
into your Being and body.

This magnificent drop is actually the energy of your Divine Essence in your most Awakened and Divine form. As this exceptionally powerful energetic Drop expands and fills your body, it travels through all the cells. As each cell is touched by your Divine Essence it is assisted to Awaken and can begin to function from a higher vibrational level.

As your cells begin to vibrate at higher levels, your Consciousness is then also more able to easily accelerate its journey into ever fuller expression. This can create wonderful changes in your view of life, happiness levels, joy, love, well being and prosperity.

As more of your entire Being radiates this higher frequency you are more able to begin to express even higher levels of the evolution of your personality, physical body, mind and other aspects of your Divine Self expressed through you, as you.

This transformation is accomplished as the physical body begins to vibrate at higher levels, it is more able to access the greater Spiritual and expanded parts of your Being and Higher Self.

As you connect with your higher aspects they can begin to integrate more fully into your physical body, Consciousness and Being. This higher vibration begins to express as an Awakening and Expanding Consciousness.

The Golden Drop offers you an opportunity to help:

  • Transform your life, Consciousness and Being
  • Anchor in your Golden Divine Aspects
  • Awaken more of your full Divine Potential and Opportunities
  • Infuse Divinity into your cells
  • Quiet your Internal critical voice
  • Diminish your small Ego self
  • Become more present in the Now
  • Life flows more easily
  • Experience more Prosperity and Abundance
  • Initiate more True Divine Love
  • Higher levels of connection with Source become available.
  • Initiate fuller Physical, Mental and Emotional transformation

The arrival and integration of these higher levels of your Being have often been known to have a very beneficial influence on your body, mind, emotions and Consciousness.

Those who have experienced the Golden Drop Initiation have commented about experiencing:

  • Heart Opening for more Unconditional Love
  • Feeling more balanced energy flow and support for their body
  • More prosperity in their life
  • Greater alignment with their Life Purpose
  • More opportunities for greater Abundance
  • A more loving life
  • More expanded thoughts and evolved emotions
  • Discovering and following their True Being
  • Increased connection with Source
  • Feeling Guided and supported

Now is the Time!

The Golden Drop is here to assist you

Offered by: Webinar or Phone

Workshop Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018
Workshop Time: 6:15 p.m. Pacific Time

Replay is available online or by phone for 3 days, through midnight Pacific Time, Saturday, March 4, 2018

NO DOWNLOAD is available for this event.