This condensed new method is very powerful and is focused to set you free from the ways you have limited yourself.

The Breaking Free From Worry & Fear will focus on you personally and the challenges you face right now. It will provide a special energy process to assist you in letting go of worry and fear so you can have a more comfortable life – stay balanced, more focused and create what you would like to have in your life.

It may happen that you become worried about your health or perhaps even fearful occasionally. Or sometimes you might discover you are very worried about your finances and the many ways it is affecting you.

There are many types of worry and fear you might be experiencing every day.

Whatever your concern or worry, this Breaking Free Workshop is here to assist you.

This workshop will offer very specific and focused energy to assist you. If your worry or fear seems huge and overwhelming, the energy can assist in resolving it. If your concerns are smaller and more everyday, the energy can assist in smoothing them out.

The focused energy of this workshop can help to solve whatever concern or worry you are having. It can also help to bring you back into balance and peace and feel supported as your life returns to balance.


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Breaking Free from Worry & Fear  – Audio Download for Computer or Smart phone & Tablet.

What People Are Saying About the Breaking Free Series

“This last workshop, Breaking Free, was profound and life-changing.  There has been so many emotional blocks and lots of familial issues that I seemed to be stuck in. Now I feel as though something has been removed that I didn’t need. The changes were natural and gentle yet strong.

Here are a few of the words I can use to describe this transformation:

  • I feel lighter
  • I have more compassion
  • I feel more loving
  • I feel more energy
  • I feel less judgmental and critical
  • I am laughing more

I so appreciate the upgrade to this frequency/vibration and know that I am being whom I am supposed to be.”


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