Many people have requested a way to be filled all day and all night with the powerful life changing energy offered by Jo Dunning. GETTING LIFE TO COOPERATE is your answer.

It is created by Jo Dunning, with nothing but deep Silence filled with pure, powerful ENERGY. It is a masterpiece of profound and life changing energies offered in this exciting new form. You can use this CD at night when sleeping, when you meditate, at work, when in public or alone at home. 

This CD carries an exceptionally high vibration that cannot be duplicated. Although others attempt to copy this original concept developed by Jo Dunning, there are no other products available elsewhere offering vibration at this level.

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Silent Energy Work – CD

Silent Energy Work –  AUDIO DOWNLOADS

We know you will enjoy this very special CD and the opportunity to receive such powerful energy work from Jo Dunning. With this “silent CD”, she has created a whole new proprietary concept in energy work and its combined use with CD technology. Jo is recognized as a pioneer and leading authority in the use of energy and its applications to create life changes and transformation of consciousness.

This CD only contains energy, there is no sound, just pure energy to assist you in your life. You will be able to know the CD is playing by noticing the counter change on your player.

Because this CD is silent, you can play it whenever you want and as “loud” as you want without disturbing anyone. The higher the “volume” the greater the amount of energy you will receive. It is suggested you begin to use this powerful CD at a low “volume” or intensity for several days and then gradually increase the intensity every few days.

When the CD is playing, the energy will only be received by the one person who purchased it. Or you can give the CD as a gift and it will just work for that one person. In this way the free will of each individual is respected and no one will unwillingly receive energy. You don’t need to know who you will give the CD to as a gift when you purchase it. You can purchase extra CDs and decide later who you want to give them to and the energy will work for that person.

You are welcome to download this energy CD for your use on your MP3 player or computer using an application such as iTunes. You can wear headphones or just “play” the CD as you would any other CD. The energy will reach about as far as it would if sound were playing and you could still hear it. You can play this CD when you are sleeping, at work, around home, or whenever you want during your usual daily routine.

Some people notice the energy right away and others notice changes starting to take place after several weeks or more of using the CD each day. The changes which take place are very individualized depending on what is most needed by each person. Your Being knows what it needs and will use this very high vibration of energy to assist it in whatever ways it most needs.

Some people find they are very energized by the CD and others find it is relaxing and they want to rest. Some people discover old habits change easily and easier ways of experiencing life start to happen. Others find they go through a brief time of clearing as they let go of the old and make room for something new. However, your Being chooses to use the energy is the most efficient and easiest way for you.

Enjoy the CD and this wonderful new opportunity to make changes in your life in such a completely new and simple manner.

What People are saying about Getting Life to Cooperate

“I received Jo’s ‘silent CD’ in the mail a couple of weeks ago and am listening to it often.  When it is on I find myself smiling, singing, gentle with people, positive, creative in my thinking and sometimes wondering ‘oh I am in such pleasant mood this morning, isn’t that lovely’. Then I remember : ahhh… Jo’s silent CD is on! :)).Thank you!!”

P. T.


“I hope you are well.  This magnificent opportunity is exactly what I need at this time in my life.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness in supporting each of and for sharing your wonderful gift and energy for the well-being of the world!”

S. T.


“For about the past 2 years I have participated in almost all that you have offered and feel so blessed to have been led to you.  Your Energy Processes have been miraculous in so many ways and the Silent CD, Getting Life to Cooperate,  helps me sleep at night, something I’d not been able to do for years.”

D. B.


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